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Icerental 4x4's Services


This Vacation, Discover Iceland in a 4x4

There’s a reason it’s known as the Land of Fire and Ice. From dramatic volcanoes and sculptural lava fields to majestic glaciers and mountain waterfalls, the natural wonders of Iceland are nothing short of astounding. So why settle for catching mere glimpses of Iceland from a tour bus or your hotel window? Instead, see it up close when you rent a car in Iceland. With so much wild beauty surrounding you, the ideal way to explore it all is on the open road, with a 4x4 car rental.

Icerental 4X4 offers a unique way to see this extraordinary country and experience the exhilaration of its open spaces. As local Iceland car rental experts, we are fully equipped with a fleet of vehicles suited to our roadways, so there’s always one to match your needs. We’ve made it easy to connect with us and arrange for your car rental in Reykjavik. Once you arrive in Iceland, you’ll be just minutes from starting the adventure of a lifetime.

Every vehicle selected for car rental in Iceland comes with our full menu of services, including:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Studded winter tires (November 1st-April 15th)

We also rigorously assure that each of our vehicles is safe for you and your loved ones, even in the sometimes challenging conditions of Iceland’s roadways and mountain weather patterns.

Curious about what insurance you need? Let us help you decide if and how much insurance you wish to add to our basic policy.Curious about what insurance you need? Let us help you decide if and how much insurance you wish to add to our basic policy.

Our 4x4 Rental Cars Let You Experience More

There are so many benefits to seeing Iceland in a 4x4 rental. If driving brings you closer to nature’s theater, then driving a 4x4 gives you a backstage pass. This is especially for car rentals from Keflavik and throughout Iceland, where gravel roads account for a large portion of the traffic system. Now you can see much more of the country than the average tourist, beyond Reykjavik—all at your own pace.

The 4x4 Vehicle Benefits Go On and On.

Giving you more independence and mobility is just the beginning. Our fleet of 4x4 vehicles offers custom comfort, from compact to full size options, plus:

  Space – Traveling with the family or another group? Go big! Enjoy first-class legroom for up to 8 passengers, plus plenty of cargo space.

Comfort – Want the luxury and comfort of a hotel, but with even more convenience? Look into our modified 4x4 vehicles, which have been outfitted to sleep two and come stocked with cooking supplies.

Savings – Is your focus on value and fuel-efficiency? Our 4x4 rental car lineup includes options for even the most budget-conscious traveler.

Choice – Looking for a favorite make and model? If you’ve got a favorite, chances are you’ll find it here among our inventory of leading name-brand American models. Choose from automatic and manual transmission.

Wondering which 4x4 vehicles are the most popular rentals in Iceland? Whatever your criteria, we’ve got the 4x4 to meet your needs. Check out our lineup of 4X4 vehicles here.

We Never Compromise on 4x4 Vehicle Safety

Choosing from the best 4x4 cars means choosing the car rental business that puts safety first. At Icerental 4x4, we take safety seriously and our vehicles reflect that. It starts with brakes and tires designed to handle even challenging roads, includes our meticulous safety inspections, and extends to high-tech features and GPS navigation.

Basic Requirements – We Make It Easy

Icerental 4X4 wants to make the rental process as smooth as possible for you, so it’s important that you know what to expect. The requirements are straightforward. You must:

  • be 20 years of age
  • have a driver’s license for at least 12 months
  • have a passport and credit card

Our 4x4 Vehicle Insurance Options Truly Meet Your Needs

At Icerental 4x4, we want you to relax and enjoy your vacation. For your peace of mind, we offer several vehicle insurance options, including standard to expanded collision coverage, protection from gravel and ash, theft insurance, and comprehensive insurance packages.

Choose Icerental for Your Coolest Travel Adventure!

At Icerental 4x4, we’re here to help make your visit to Iceland the vacation of a lifetime. We give you easier options for online reservation, pick-up, and drop-off. We also offer resources to help you plan your road trip in Iceland.

Plan Your Road Trip

Check the weather and road conditions in Iceland. Find recommended points of interest and learn more about our self-drive road trip packages. Learn more about driving in Iceland, from rules of the road to practical tips. Discover all the ways our 4x4 rental in Iceland helps you connect to the land, the people, and the culture.

For more information and answers to all your questions, please contact us here.