Rent a Roof Top Camper in Iceland

A 4x4 camper is the best way to explore Iceland. Traverse the Highlands and F-roads in a high-performance vehicle and always have shelter with you. If you want to hire a 4x4 camper in Iceland, look no further than our exclusive list here.


Suzuki Jimny With Roof Tent (Manual) 2015

This 3-door manual transmission model handles off-road driving quite well. Durable and dependable, it is suited for rugged Highlands trails and has large windows for viewing the scenery. The roof tent sleeps two people and includes sleeping bags, a mattress, and pillows.

Suzuki Jimny with Roof Tent (Automatic) 2015

Traverse the Highlands with ease, thanks to an automatic transmission. Like the manual model, a radio and CD player are included for your entertainment. Featuring a complete tent, this Iceland camper rental lets you enjoy the outdoors up close and personal.

Suzuki Jimny with Roof Tent (Manual) 2018

This manual transmission vehicle is dependable for off-road driving, and all occupants can admire the scenery through its large windows. The roof tent includes a mattress, pillows, and sleeping bags to accommodate two adults.

Suzuki Vitara with Roof Tent (Manual) 2017

A 4x4 rental car that seats up to five passengers, it includes cargo space for four or five travel bags and a roof tent for two. Sleeping bags and comfort items such as pillows and a mattress are included in the tent. Suitable for F-roads, the vehicle also offers AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, and USB.

Suzuki Grand Vitara with Roof Tent (Automatic) 2015

This 5-passenger, 5-door automatic transmission SUV also has a convenient roof tent for two, with essential items such as sleeping bags, a mattress, and pillows packed inside. It is one of our best hard-shell roof top campers for travelers looking for performance, comfort, and all-around reliability.


Dacia Duster + Roof Tent (2017)

A Dacia Duster camper topped by a hard-shell tent with all the sleeping implements you need, which unfolds in seconds. The wind- and waterproof tent is also soundproof, insulated, and equipped with mosquito netting. This 4x4 sits four-five passengers and has room for up to five bags. An AM/FM radio and USB plug-in are included. The manual transmission allows for efficient, enjoyable driving on F-roads.

Dacia Duster + Roof Tent (2019)

Our newest model with a 1.5-liter diesel engine. Fuel-efficient and equipped with a low first gear, it provides all the performance needed for F-roads. Like our other Dacia Duster 4x4 camper, it has a fully-equipped 2-person tent so there’s always a place to crash for the night. The tent folds and unfolds easily and is fully insulated and sound/water/wind-proof.


Dodge Durango with XL Roof Tent

Experience the ultimate in a family Highlands adventure, thanks to an automatic transmission and an SUV built for mountain travel. Our Durango seats six-seven passengers while its tent can sleep three-four people. This 5-door vehicle fits up to five bags and also comes with unlimited mileage.

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