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Jeep Grand Cherokee (Older Model 2008) – or Similar

Jeep Grand Cherokee or Similar

  • Passengers: 5
  • Suitcases: 5


Automatic Transmission | 5 persons | 5 Bags | 4x4

  • Comfort
  • Good maintenance
  • Automatic transmission
  • Exceptional performance
  • Four door
  • Five passengers
  • Large luggage compartment (5 bags)
  • 2008 model

For a jeep rental in Iceland that can accommodate the entire family, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the right choice. A reliable engine provides power and fuel efficiency. The spunk provided by this 4x4 Jeep rental in Iceland allows you to explore the Highlands, volcanoes, and coastline with confidence and wonder, while its automatic transmission lets you traverse rough terrain with ease.

This off-road jeep also provides a range of amenities, including six speakers, plush seats, and Bluetooth so all can stay entertained and comfortable for the whole ride. When you need a car hire in Iceland, you can depend on this jeep rental in Reykjavik to provide the performance and quality needed for a memorable experience.


Suitable for F-Roads (excl. F249)

Other choices
Suzuki Grand Vitara or Similar (Manual)

The Vitara can handle most of the difficult tracks you might find in Iceland, maybe that is the reason for its popularity among Icelandic people.

Suzuki Jimny 2013

Best choice for 2 adults with limited budged, Jimny will take you where you want to go with it´s durability and ability to climb the roughest terrain.

Ford Expedition 8 person or similar 2007

Comfort, reliability and space. Up to 8 passengers. Roofbox available up on request.

Suzuki Vitara (Automatic) – NEW 2017

The 2017 model of Suzuki Vitara is great for people who set high sandards for performance and safety. It is great in highlands and in town. The luggage space in 398 liter.